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Founder of Asset Advisors, Ketki Jignesh Shah, is a Wealth Distributor and she helps clients achieve their financial goals through a well thought-out wealth management plan mainly through Mutual Fund route. We provide wealth management services for a limited number of individuals, families, businesses, trusts, not-for-profits.

At Asset Advisors, we take a different approach to wealth planning. Our model is consultative, customized, thoughtful and deliberate without conflicts of interest. We focus on achieving goals and managing risk. We believe in giving priority to preservation of wealth, than aggressive growth. Our approach has been systematic and conservative. We see planning as the basis for action, and the foundation of a holistic strategy that incorporates investments, retirement, estate, tax, and financial independence planning.

This young firm is founded by Ketki Jignesh Shah, who used to act at Postal agent, some time back. And now with the help of her husband, Jignesh Shah, she has been helping clients in wealth grow in systematic manner. Jignesh Shah is Registered Investment Advisor with SEBI and is qualified Chartered Accountant (5th rank all over India) and CFA charter-holder. He is reachable on his website

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